Doing business in a foreign country can be difficult. Navigating local laws, cultural differences and unfamiliar bureaucracy can present unique challenges.

Daniela Capuano, a Brazilian native and current resident of Los Angeles, California, is a successful multilingual businesswoman and lawyer with extensive experience in the São Paulo / Brazil market. She has been active in helping clients in both Brazil and the United States overcome the challenges of doing business in a foreign country.

Daniela, along with her full-time staff in Sao Paulo, provide a highly skilled team to assist in market research, contract analysis, negotiations, acquisitions, and many other capabilities for facilitating international business for her clients.


We work with individuals and companies, providing information, advising, and promoting business between Brazil and the United States. We guide our clients on how to better operate in the foreign market.

Our offices are located in Brazil and in the United States facilitating the connection between Brazilian and American individuals and companies.

The professionals on our staff include lawyers, accountants, analysts, and real estate consultants, among others.

Our professional team is ready to provide you with a high-quality specialized consulting service.


In our office we strive for exclusive and tailor-made service, with the highest level of confidentiality.

Our team is prepared to work with you on a variety of matters, presenting great opportunities and smart solutions in both countries in which we operate.

Count on Daniela Capuano's team to help you!


No matter the complexity, we are here to advise you and suggest the best solutions.

If you are in Brazil and need to solve a problem in the United States or if you are in the United States and need to solve issues in Brazil, count on our international consulting services.

We will help you!

daniela capuano

Daniela Capuano is a lawyer in Brazil and also a manager of a large real estate company in São José do Rio Preto, one of the most developed cities in the interior of São Paulo state.
As a businesswoman, Daniela Capuano knows the challenges that Brazilian and American clients face when they intend to do business in a foreign country.



What was supposed to be just 10 weeks in English immersion has been going on for years.

When Daniela Capuano decided to study at the University of California, Irvine, that was the idea. Spend just 10 weeks.

In 2 weeks, the unexpected happened. An inattentive driver caused an adjustment to the plans. After a hospital battle, surgery, physiotherapy, Daniela realized that having the right people around was essential.

It was not easy to persist. Continuing the project required a lot of perseverance.

At the University of California, Daniela became the first international student to take the intensive Paralegal Program with practically perfect performance.

She got her driver's license, and bought her vehicle. In the meantime, Daniela worked hard to validate his bachelor's degree in law.

She was a volunteer paralegal at a non-profit institution that provides legal services to low-income veterans, the Veterans Legal Institute. In the same period, Daniela bought his first property in the United States.

For someone who arrived in the United States to spend 10 weeks, the goals achieved and challenges overcame are the proof that Daniela is competent to build the liaison between Brazil and the United States.


Daniela Capuano has used her experience to quickly provide information, documents, certificates, records, and business for individuals and companies.



Daniela Capuano main goal is to provide service with excellence for individuals and companies that don't have nor want to waste time.

We know the challenges and bureaucracy in both countries and we are here to make your life easier!

Our services include:

• General commercial advice;
• Contracting third parties;
• Coordination of lawyers in Brazil;
• Due diligence in the acquisition of real estate and businesses in Brazil;
• Foreign investment strategies and opportunities;
• Fusions and acquisitions;
• Negotiation;
• Dispute resolution;
• Contracts review;
• Real estate transactions;
• Documentation service in general.

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If you are in the United States and need solution, information, knowledge, and structure in Brazil, our team is ready to assist you.

If you are in Brazil, Daniela Capuano is in the United States and can directly provide the best service for you.

Count on Daniela Capuano and her team.


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